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August 13, 2017
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RED NOSE DAY     Thursday, May 25

Get Your Nose On!!  It’s coming back – this year’s Red Nose Day will be Thursday, May 25th. Sponsors include Walgreens, NBC, M&Ms and Bill and Melinda Gates. They are on a mission to end child poverty and using Red Nose Day and comedy to help raise funds. Globally in the past 25 years over $1 billion has been raised to help create a world free from poverty.  In just the 2016 Red Nose Day alone 2,659,643 children’s lives were positively impacted.

All of you creative clubwomen can come up with ideas to support this campaign to help feed hungry children.  Already Walgreens has various items you can purchase to support this cause – red noses, pens with red noses, bracelets and for the less daring – red nose lapel buttons. Visit the webwite and you can watch several video clips or to make a donation.  Tune in on May 25th at 8 pm on NBC to watch a special just for this cause. If your meeting is on May 25th maybe members could all wear red noses to the meeting as a means of promoting awareness of hunger in our world.  Perhaps you could add some jokes or a comical skit to your meeting and members could donate their change to the cause. Our state project dream of no hunger should  always  be supportive of other organizations that have the same dream we do.  Put your thinking caps on and also your RED NOSES.

--Linda Beatty
Please send a signed release to the GFWC Virginia President when publishing pictures of children on this website.


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