GFWC Virginia Photo Gallery

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Heather Craven in MDA lock-up is looking for donations.   October 23, 2008


GFWC Virginia participates in Educational Tours at the 2008 State Fair.

Pictured left to right:  Pat Bickel, Alice Kyle District President; Emma Jean Wise, GFWC Virginia President; Beverly Seymour, Tidewater District President.


GFWC Virginia CONFERENCE - August 2008


Anne Bryant, one of our very own club women, publishes her first book, "Where Else But Sedley?"  Check out her story online.

Pictures from the GFWC Virginia Convention.    April 2008

Kathryn Sowers and Emma Jean Wise visit the VA Tech Rescue Squad and helped wash their vehicles.  This was the beginning of our VA Tech project.  Jan. 19, 2008