GFWC Virginia Website Contest

The GFWC Virginia Website/Social Media Contest is for GFWC Virginia clubs that have created a website and use Social Media.  Awards will be presented at the annual GFWC Virginia Convention in April/May. It is encouraged that clubs have GFWC in their names for Communications, Public Relations and National Identity.

Information about setting up club and district websites may be found at:

Club websites must be linked to the GFWC Virginia website on the LINKS page at and dues must be current to GFWC & GFWC Virginia.

Websites for judging will be submitted via EMAIL to and Subject line of email should read GFWC Virginia Website & Social Media Contest Entry.

Email to include: club name, district, website address, president’s name and contact information, name and contact information of the individual making the submission, number of members in the club, the name of the website designer and a note whether this person is a web design professional and whether the club paid for design services, and no more than 250 words about how your club promotes the Community Service Programs on your website. ALSO INCLUDE: A copy of your picture release form or how you obtain permission to include photos on your website. A description, no more than 150 words, of how/ if you safely identify people in website photos.



  • Contact email link is easily found, and a club member responds within 24 hours.

  • Hyperlinks to the club's affiliate organizations including district (if available), GFWC Virginia and GFWC

  • Content and Calendar current.

  • Meeting times and location are easily visible.

  • Use fonts likely to be on your viewers’ computers, such as Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica or Sans-serif are very important to visual consistency.

  • Extra items include club history, list of officers, projects, membership application, etc.

  • Design and style add to visual enjoyment.

  • Picture release form for club members.

  • Identification of pictures.

  • One of the following Social Media applications with a button on your website:

           FACEBOOK         TWITTER          

           INSTAGRAM        YOU TUBE