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Questions?  Please call 804-288-3724 or Email the GFWC Virginia Headquarters.

Click on the picture to enlarge.  Online ordering and payment is available.  If you prefer to mail a check use the Supply List Order Form.  Shipping charges are $5 per order.

President's pins can be found at the GFWC Website Marketplace.



GFWC Virginia
Name Tag Holder
GFWC Virginia
Tote Bag Meditation Booklet GFWC Virginia Keychain

Price      $5.00

Price       $5.00

Price     $12.00

Price     $5.00

Price      $5.00
GFWC Virginia
Bar Guard
GFWC Virginia
Flashlight Key Ring
GFWC Virginia
Membership Cards
Compact Umbrella 

Price       $3.00

Price       $3.00

[quantity discount available]

 Price        $15

Available year 1 of an administration
Available year 2 of an administration      
GFWC Virginia Yearbook

 Price       $10.00
GFWC Virginia Yearbook Supplement
Price       $5.00

Power Bank
Price     $15.00


Phone Wallet
Price     $4.00
Select Color
Stylus Ink Pens
Price     $2.00
Select Color
Car Coaster
(Absorbent Stone)
 [quantity discount available] 
20 oz Tumbler
Price       $15.00 
Wine Tumbler
Price       $20.00 

Dogwood Society

Step Up Wrist Band

Price      $1.00


 Please email to place an order.


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For help with Dogwood donations other than $250 or $500, please contact Heather Craven at