Organizing A New Club

A goal of the 2018 – 2020 Membership Team is to establish at least one new club per District! Here’s how you can get started in Stepping into New Club Creation!

1.      Request a copy of the New Club Membership Kit from your District Second Vice President or District Junior Membership Chairman, from the GFWC Virginia Second Vice President or GFWC Virginia Junior Membership Chairman. This kit provides a complete guide to organizing a new club.

2.      Carefully plan your first organizational meeting by determining a meeting date, location and time. Extend invitations by mail, email, telephone or personal contact. Appoint someone to preside. Invite your District Officers, especially District Second Vice President and District Junior Membership Chairman.

3.      At the first organizational meeting, present a motion that a club be formed. (The adoption of this motion does not bring the club into being.  This occurs when the Bylaws are adopted and the membership is signed by those who initially join the club.)

4.      At the first organizational meeting, provided the motion to form is adopted, appoint a committee to draft Bylaws.  The New Club Membership Kit contains sample Bylaws that can be adapted to fit the club’s needs.  Proposed Bylaws should conform to the general provisions contained therein.

5.      The first draft of the Bylaws should be submitted to the GFWC Virginia Parliamentarian for review prior to being submitted to the GFWC Executive Committee.  This review will allow for necessary corrections before presentation.

6.      Plan a second organizational meeting to present the Bylaws for adoption and to elect officers, in accordance with the Bylaws. Determine a regular meeting date, time, place, etc.

7.      To apply for Membership to GFWC and GFWC Virginia, the organization must complete the New Club Membership Application (included in the New Club Kit) and submit dues to GFWC Virginia.  Remember, that it takes eight (8) members to form a GFWC Virginia Club.

8.      A sponsoring club, district or state membership committee may be responsible for getting the new club started and for follow up for at least one year. If this is the case, a member of the sponsoring club should be appointed to serve as a liaison to the new club.  The liaison would provide assistance and support to the new club.

9.      There are expenses associated with the organization of a new club. GFWC and GFWC Virginia dues are explained on the Dues and Contributions Form in this yearbook. There is a $10 Chartering Fee payable to GFWC Virginia.  District dues are determined by the District in which the club is located.  Other expenses to consider are: the opening of a bank account, purchase of checks, a copy of Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised, gavel, printing costs for stationery, handbooks and newsletter, meeting location costs, incorporation fees.


NOTE: Clubs that are already in existence may apply to become affiliated with GFWC and GFWC Virginia at any time.  In order to become a member of GFWC and GFWC Virginia, the club is required to submit Bylaws for review by GFWC Virginia Parliamentarian.  Upon review, the New Club Membership Application is to be submitted with appropriate fees. GFWC offers grants to establish new clubs and refederating clubs. Click here for the grant form.