GFWC Virginia Photo Gallery


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  • Please send the GFWC Virginia President a signed release when publishing pictures of children on this website.

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2018 GFWC Virginia Convention, May 2018             YouTube Video of Clips from the District Presidents Reports

2017 GFWC Virginia Conference, August 2017

2017 GFWC Virginia Convention, April 2017

2016 GFWC Virginia Conference, August 2016

2015 GFWC Virginia Convention, May 2015    Hope you find the photos you want.  Some of the action shots weren’t very good. You can download any photo from Flickr.  When the album comes up, click on a photo to view and/or download.  Email Anne if you have questions.

2014 GFWC Virginia Convention, May 2014

2013 GFWC Virginia Conference, August 2013

2013 GFWC Virginia Convention Art Show Photos

2013 GFWC Virginia Convention, April 2013 - for a high resolution copy of a picture email Kristi Barber with the file name

Pictures - Mid-Winters Board 2013, Conference August 2012, SER 2012, MISC

GFWC Virginia Conference - August 2012   Double-click on the photo to dowload

GFWC Virginia Convention - April 2012   Double-click on the photo to dowload