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GFWC Virginia Legislative Day

February 20, 2018

Virginia Capitol, Pocahontas Building & Executive Mansion

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What a great presentation by Dale Fisher for her club (Manassas Woman’s Club), explaining their project to support the state project theme, but even more fantastic was the state-wide support of clubs and districts and individuals to Mini Challenge #3 – Colorful Cans.  As announced at conference, with the help of Del Williams, Laurel Livingston and Madame President Fran Edwards, we counted every single item (four packs got counted as four, 12-packs got counted as 12, etc) for a GRANT TOTAL of 2,208 items donated. AND, I had not even arrived home from convention before I got a very appreciative email from the Glasgow/Natural Bridge Food Pantry from their secretary advising that our donations totaled 2318 pounds and cash donations of $176.00.  Here are some excerpts from that email:  “Such a generous donation of non-perishable foods…”; “Such a generous gift from your clubs…”You are so gracious to remember our pantry.”  As you can see from the pictures on the cover, it took TWO pickup trucks to haul away the bounty.  When I envisioned the project I thought maybe members would bring 3-4 cans each, but ladies you outdid yourselves – some sent CASES and 6-8-10 packs!!! And, so creative in their shopping – for black, a box of black tea; for orange, several cans of baby food carrots; for purple, several packages of noodles in a lavender box; a variety of jello colors and juice boxes, in addition to the traditional colored foods.  Again, you have gone the extra mile in your goal of helping end hunger and for many recipients of the Glasgow/Natural Bridge Food Pantry you have made that dream a reality.
District Colorful Cans Stastistics
Alice Kyle & Southside Red & Purple
Alice Kyle   168

Southside   466
Blue Ridge & Shenandoah Yellow & Orange
Blue Ridge   214

Shenandoah   366
Lee & Southwestern White & Brown
Lee   297

Southwestern    198
Northern & Tidewater Green & Black
Nothern   158

Tidewater   341

The facility has been in operation since 1992 and is a part of Feeding America and Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. They have grown from distributing 12,000 pounds of food to handing out 229,200 pounds to 3,375 households. A storm in May damaged the roof and they lost a lot of their inventory, so this donation was a welcome Godsend. Thank you from your chairman, your state president and from the food pantry.  NOW, let’s get ready for the final Mini-Challenge: Filling the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow with that gloriously golden food item loved by all ages – Mac ‘n Cheese!!!! It will be light-weight, easy to pack and you might even catch some on sale!

--Linda Beatty


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