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Historic Hanover 2017 Calendar For Sale

Pamunkey Woman's Club

The Pamunkey Woman's Club has released their Historic Hanover 2017 Calendar for sale at $10 each.  These calendars feature original pen and ink drawings by local artists of historic buildings in Hanover County, Virginia.  Some of the featured  buildings include Borkey's Store, Aspen Hill, Washington-Henry High School, Redd House, Powell House, Beale House, Dunn's Chapel, Gwathmey House, Willow Way Farm and Garthwright House.  Proceeds benefit various projects supported by the Pamunkey Woman's Club including scholarships to Hanover High School, Lee-Davis High School and Atlee High School.

Contact Janice Sadler to arrange pickup of your copy.
Take a Bite out of Lyme Disease
GFWC Vinton Woman's Club

Members and friends of GFWC Vinton Woman’s Club (VA) are Taking a Bite out of Lyme Disease and we are challenging everyone to join us.  We want to encourage awareness and hopefully more research into the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease.  There is so much misinformation out there regarding Lyme’s Disease and its long time effects on a person.     

THE FACTS:            
1.  Children are at the highest risk of contracting Lyme Disease and are more vulnerable to central nervous system infections.
2.  Transmission of Lyme Disease and other infections can take place in a matter of minutes, particularly if the tick is not removed properly.
3.  Lyme Disease has been called “The Great Imitator” and can be mistaken for ALS, MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, and other illnesses.
4.  Studies show that standard laboratory tests recommended by the CDC to diagnose Lyme Disease miss approximately half of actual cases, leading to misdiagnosis and an infection that is more difficult to treat.
5.  Over 63% of patients treated for Lyme Disease continue to suffer symptoms, which can be debilitating.
6.  The CDC estimates that there are 300,000 new cases of Lyme Disease each year in the United States.
7.  Lyme Disease has been reported in every state except Hawaii and has been found on every continent except Antarctica.
8.  Lyme Disease has 6 times more new cases each year than HIV/AIDS, yet it receives less than 1% of the funding.
9.  Fewer than 50% of patients with Lyme Disease recall a tick bite or any rash.
10. Ticks can carry many different types of bacterial, viral and parasitic infections – some life-threatening – which can further complicate tick-borne disease diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

--Kathryn Sowers
50th Annual Holiday Homes Tour Set for Late Fall
Woman’s Club of McLean

The Woman’s Club of McLean will hold its 50th annual Holiday Homes Tour on Thursday, December 1, 2016, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m., exactly 50 years since the traditional event was conceived of by a Woman’s Club member to raise money for local charities and nonprofits.

All proceeds will be donated to local charities and nonprofits, such as Share, Inc., Alternative House, the McLean Project for the Arts, Claude Moore Colonial Farm, the McLean Volunteer Fire Department, Fisher House and the McLean Symphony, as well as used for scholarships and education.

Tickets (the booklets) will be available in early October at local businesses, including Mesmeralda’s Gifts of McLean, Karin’s Florist of Vienna and Great Dogs of Great Falls, or may be obtained at one of the homes on the tour. For more information, visit

--Laura Sheridan
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